The Center for Turkish states, Friends, and Relatives was established in accordance with the number 28972 of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey, dated February 14, 2014

Aims and Objectives of the Research Center

  1. To conduct research related to the countries where Turkish, friend and relative communities live,
  2. To build and develop strong relationships and foster camaraderie among the Republic of Turkey and Turkish states, friends, and relative groups especially in the academic, educational, cultural, and social areas,
  3. To assist in the provision and training of the experts that these states need in different sectors,
  4. To establish offices and workplaces regarding the related areas of activity inside and outside the country,
  5. To launch initiatives for the exchange of teaching staff, students and experts with the countries specified in the Regulation (Article 14),
  6. To provide training for experts and researchers that can work in TÜDAM,
  7. To help students who come from Turkish states, friend, and relative communities and who study in our country and have graduated and returned to their own country
  8. To publish the produced information with written, visual and similar tools and also to take part in all kinds of publications,
  9. To create a database about Turkish States, friends and relatives and to bring the publications in these countries to the University,
  10. To cooperate with our counterparts in Turkish states, friend and relative communities, and to organize national and international events such as seminars, symposiums, conferences, congresses, and so forth.
  11. To co-organize educational programs granting certificates, and domestic and international trips with different units of the university,
  12. To prepare reports on issues on the agenda of the country and to present them to the related people and also the public,
  13. To make Turkish placement exams for students coming from Turkish states, friend and relative communities and to organize courses for them in order to follow their vocational and undergraduate level education,
  14. To carry out other studies in accordance with the objectives and principles of Higher Education Law.